Sinusoidal Vibration Calculator (Info)

Use the online vibration calculator to convert amplitudes of sinusoidal vibration between different unit systems, physical variables and overall amplitude values.


The calculator handles displacement, velocity and acceleration units commonly used in mechanical vibration analysis:

  • Vibration in mil, µm, ips (in/s), mm/s, ft/s², m/s², g
  • Peak (pk), peak to peak (pk-pk) or rms amplitude
  • Vibration frequency in Hz, cpm or rad/s
  • Converts phase shift measurements
  • Solve for the frequency at which two different vibration quantities are equal

Also available in the chrome web store:

Directions for use

With the "solve for frequency" box unchecked: the calculator will convert the entered vibration amplitude (and phase angle) to the other physical variables and units, at the given frequency:

  1. Set the vibration frequency (Hz or CPM, only one), press 'Enter'.
  2. Set the vibration amplitude (only one), press 'Enter'.
  3. Optionally, set the vibration angle (only one), press 'Enter'.

With the "solve for frequency" box checked: the calculator will find the frequency at which the vibration amplitude corresponds to two given vibration amplitude values:

  1. Set a vibration amplitude, press 'Enter'.
  2. Set vibration amplitude of another physical variable, press 'Enter'.